I grinned out 3 sets of TMD devices! What’s Next? _Invisalign or surgery _Dr. Yang’s TMD TALK (6)

I grinned out 3 sets of TMD devices! What's Next? _Invisalign or surgery _Dr. Yang's TMD TALK (6)

Some of my patients they really grinned through more than 3 sets of TMD devices. What's next?
In previous video, I mentioned about 70% of the TMD is myofacial pain, which means, the muscle pain. The good news for this is, if your TMD is causing by malocclusion, uneven bite/occlusal contacts, Invisalign or braces (orthodontic treatment) could help with the situation. 
Usually, while your bite is not even, let's say, open bite, deep bite, shifted jaw, etc,  your jaw can not find a stable position to rest, especially, when you are sleeping. Instead of resting, what it jaw does is constant moving. However, due to the malocclusion, there's many interferences during the process of jaw movement. Sometimes, your jaw would need to shift toward certain angle to be able to perform the movement. In the long term, it would cause the tension of the muscles and the TM joints. 
The other situation is your joints are degenerated. In this way, the temporary relief is injecting Botox or Lidocaine. For long term, surgical innovation could be the solution. There are many different situations of degenerated joints. You might have to work with your surgeon for further accurate diagnosis. 
This concludes the entire series of TMD. If you have any questions, please leave in the commends. I would love to talk to you. 
Next series, we are going to talk about dental implants. See you next time. 
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