Doctor, My Mouth Opening is Restricted!!_ Part 1__ Dr. Yang’s TMD TALK (7)

Doctor, My Mouth Opening is Restricted!!_ Part 1__ Dr. Yang's TMD TALK (7)

Originally, I'd like to close the TMD series. However, last week I saw a patient.  He came to me, and his mouth opening was restricted. He can only open around 2.5 fingers wide vertically since 2-3 weeks ago. So, I decided to talk about this. 

What happened to my patient was the locking of his jaw. There are two major kinds of jaw lockings: Open locks and close locks. 

During my clinical exam, I can feel the jaw clicking and palpate the condyle at only one side of his TMJ. While opening his mouth, his chin is shifted to the affected side (the side I did not feel the condyle). 

Base of the clinical symptoms, my diagnosis would be the "close lock". Of course, the definite diagnosis requires MRI. 

In this video, we would discuss about the close lock of jaw. How did it happen? What's the TMJ look like anatomically? What are clinical symptoms?

Next video, we will discuss about the "treatments" of the close locks. 

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