What’s the timeline for Dental Implant? when to get the tooth _Dr. Yang’s Dental Implant Series (5)

What's the timeline for Dental Implant? when to get the tooth _Dr. Yang's Dental Implant Series (5) 

Tooth is not savable, and we decided to go for the dental implant. Let's talk about when can you get your tooth back.
After the Ridge Preservation Procedure (after extraction and bone grafting), We would suggest to wait for 4-6 months and let the bone cells grow into the grafting material and complete the maturation process.
At the 4 month mark, we would take a Cone-bean CT scan of the site. CT scan will give us information of the alveolar ridge, i.e. the bone density, width and height. After the determination of the condition by the surgeon. 
You will be scheduled for the first stage implant surgery, which means inserting the implant body (the titanium screw) into the edentulous area. 
Another 4-6 months after, we will schedule the second stage implant surgery (if necessary) to connect the healing abutment (a tiny cap into your mouth).
*Note: the reason why I put "if necessary" is there're certain implant brands/types have only one piece design or the primary stability of implant inside your alveolar bone is strong enough that the surgeon decided to connect the cap directly into your mouth at the first stage surgery. 
About 1 month after the second stage surgery, after the soft tissue is healthy. We are ready for the mold or digital impression for the final crown (tooth).
Finally! I have a tooth growing out from my mouth again!
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We will Interview our implant patient Mr. John. He will share his true experiences and concerns before/after the implant procedure. Don’t miss it!
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