What is Dental Implant?_ English edition__ Dr. Yang’s Dental Implant Series (1)

What is Dental Implant?_ English edition__ Dr. Yang's Dental Implant Series (1)

In this series, we would discuss about:

1. What is the dental implant?

2. The timeline for having a dental implant?

3. How to pick a right dental implant brand?

4. Interview one our implant patients, Mr. John. (He will share his expeiences)


What is dental implant? 

Usually, when there is a missing tooth, we can place a titanium implant inside the alveolar bone. The term osseointegration, was discovered by an orthopedic surgeon from Sweden in the 1980. Dr. Branmark discovered that the bone cell loves the titanium material. It would grows into the titanium surface and become one piece which is called "osseo-integration". 

Nowadays, major implant manufacturers have their own design of rough surface dental implants. Through out the long term studies, it was revealed that the osseointegration happens better and stronger with the rough surface implants. 

A well placed dental implant would not only restore the functionality, but also represent the great aesthetics. 

The implant success rate for main brand implants are 95% or above. 


Next video: What are my options while missing a tooth?


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