Socket Preservation Technique_ English edition_ Dr. Yang’s Dental Implant Series (4)

Socket Preservation Technique_ English edition_ Dr. Yang's Dental Implant Series (4)

When a tooth has to be extracted, what can we do to preserve as much bone as possible for the benefit of the future implant procedure? 

Socket Preservation, in my personal opinion, is a very important procedure before extracting a tooth. Without socket preservation. We can lost a huge amount of the bone. Also, the primary healing process could result in sharp bone and lake of the keratinized tissue, which is extremely important for the implant gum health. 

Socket Preservation: 

1. Gently removed the non-restorable tooth (by an oral surgeon in our office)

2.  Place the bone grafting material in to the extraction socket

3. Seal the socket with the collagen plug 

4. Suture to secure the collagen plug in place

The collagen plug would hold the nutrients, the blood supply, the immune cells, etc, in place. This would benefit the bone graft we placed earlier underneath. The bone grafting material is serving as a scaffold for the bone cells to grow into and become mature bone.

When the bone is mature, the site is ready for the next step - implant placement. 

Next video, we will discuss about the timeline for dental implant procedure. 

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