How to whiten my teeth at home using Invisalign? _Dr. Yang’s Invisalign Journey_ Day 14 (3)

While talking about a great smile. Straightening and whitening your teeth are going side-by-side.

Many patients asked about teeth whitening after Invisalign treatments. Today, I am going to share a great news. You can perform teeth whitening using your existing Invisalign trays even during the treatment.

In fact, every Invisalign patients treated at our office will receive a FREE set of 15% Opalescence whitening gel 1-2 months before their last few sets of aligners. You can also use any whitening gel that available in your area.


1. Identify the last teeth that would show when you have your happiest smile. For many people, it could be the second bicuspids. We only need to apply the gel toward those teeth, not necessarily to apply to the last molars.

2. Apply the gel at the center of the "cheek side" of each teeth inside the tray. The amount of the gel required is around the size of coriander seeds. You do not need a lot.

3. Place the tray back to your mouth and sleep with them overnight.

Few Reminders:

1. Always store the whitening gels in the refrigerator. Gel will start degrading ones it is opened or expose to temperature above 82F.

2. There's a limited range for a person's teeth could be whitened.

3. Avoid food with colors. Including coffee, tea, red wines, ketchup, curry, etc.

4. Sensitive teeth. Apply the gel every other day or rinse the gel away after wearing it for an hour before going to sleep.

At Elite Dental Irvine, we feel extremely rewarding seeing you walking out of our office with beautiful and confident smile.

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