How to prepare for dental school interviews? _ Dr. Yang’s Dental School Application Series (4)

How to prepare for dental school interviews? _ Dr. Yang's Dental School Application Series (4)
Finally, It's Time!
After all the hard works and tedious application processes, you start receiving interview invitations. Here comes this video guide.
How to prepare for dental school interviews?
For many pre-dental students, like Elya, you might not have many big interview experiences before. Now, Elya has been accepted by four dental schools, and is currently a D1 predoctoral student. She is going to share her secrets and tips for dental school interview with us.
1. Each interview is a bit different depending on the school. It is important to research on the school so you will ready.
Elya suggests to go to the Student Doctor Network ( and see what type of the interview the school had. Some interview could be one-on-one with professors or students, and some could be MMI (multiple mini interview) style with many questions and different kind of procedures.
2. Study the past interview questions from the school, and use the technique "repetition".
At the Student Doctor Network (, people would post the past interview questions, around 10 years, from each school. Elya suggests using "repetition" technique by going through all the questions that was asked in the past and preparing your own answers before hand. You would feel much confident answering the questions while you are in the interview. From her experience, there were many similar questions.
3. The most common interview questions.
a) Why dentistry?
b) Why the school specifically?
c) What can you bring to the school?
Elya feels, after above questions, the most questions followed would base on the answers you just provide and go deeper into that.
4. Research the school website and looking for the things making them unique or being proud of.
Those could be the mission statement, the clinic, the way they teach, or the community outreach. After diving into the website, Elya suggests to see what aspects you would be interested to contribute to and connect back to your past experience as you can. The more specific about the organization the better because they know you really look into them.
Next episode, we will talk about "what can you do, after interview, if you haven't heard from your dream school".
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