Will grinding or TMJ problems affect Invisalign treatment?_ Dr. Yang’s Invisalign Journey_Day 1 (2)

Will grinding or TMJ problems affect Invisalign treatment?_ Dr. Yang's Invisalign Journey_Day 1 (2)
I am going to share my day 1 Invisalign journey after wearing the trays overnight.
Oftentimes, I got to ask these questions "Doc, I grind my teeth a lot. Can I still use Invisalign?" TMD, is the abbreviation of temporomandibular joint disorder. TMJs are the joints holding each side of our jaw and allow us to be able to chew or perform jaw movements freely, i.e. open/close our mouth, etc. There are many symptoms and cause of the TMD. One of the most common symptoms is the myofacial pain. This is the pain over the muscles that related to our jaw movements. The most common muscles are the muscles right underneath our ear lobes and all the way to the angle of the jaw. We call it masseter muscle, which has the common name of chewing muscle. Some patient might feel pain over the temporal area or at the back of the neck.
Grinding is one of the habit that could cause the tension to the muscles. While unconsciously grinding during sleeping. Our muscles could be pretty tense though out the night. TMD can be caused by teeth grinding or clenching your teeth, and many other stress to the joint. Occlusal splints are a standard method to treat disc displacement with reduction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). We do provide Michigan Splint for TMD treatment at our office as well.
Back to Invisalign with grinding or patient with TMD, we can design a patented device at the front teeth of your upper Invisalign aligners. Although, they are far different and not adjustable as the specialty designed Michigan splint, the bite ramps and the thickness of Invisalign trays could raise your bite a bit and dislocated the back teeth from biting tightly together. Thus, would reduce the tension of the muscles. I received positive feedback from many of my patients.
My aligner-change is every 2-week. I will update in two weeks.
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