How does Invisalign work on my teeth? _Dr. Yang’s Invisalign Journey_Day 0 (1)

How does Invisalign work on my teeth (Day 0)? _Dr. Yang's Invisalign Journey (1)
How does Invisalign feel while wearing them?
In order to understand my patients' feeling, I order 5 sets of Invisalign aligners for myself. Here we go to start my short Invisalign adventure.
I received my aligners today. It comes with a care pack. Inside the package, there is an instructional booklet, an Invisalign box, and some cleaning crystals. The Invisalign box is designed for you to store and secure your Invisalign trays. Please making sure that you are not going to wrap your trays inside the tissue paper or napkin. Many patients had lost their trays because of that, and a set of replacement aligners would cost you a good fortune. Te cleaning crystals could allow you soaking and disinfecting your aligners without discoloring them.
While putting on my first set of aligners, the first thing I realized was its a bit hard to pronounce certain sounds, for instance, the "S", "T", "D", and even saying "Th"ank you could be quite challenge. From my patients' experience, most of them are able to speak fairly normal after three weeks. If you have to talk during work like me, I would suggest to perform some speech training ny reading a book word-by-word out loud. Many pt found this quite helpful.
Other than pronunciation, my tongue also felt the taste of plastic while first insert the new trays, even the Invisalign trays are made with medical grade plastic material. I was surprised that the trays feel pretty strong and solid while putting into the mouth. Cause, they felt much more flexible while I delivered into patients' mouth. Other than these, the Invisalign aligners are pretty comfortable.
I will give you an update tomorrow after wearing the aligners overnight.
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