How to prepare for applying while in school?_ Dr. Yang’s Dental School Application Series (3)

How to prepare for applying to dental school while in undergrad?_ Dr. Yang's Dental School Application Series (3)
As an undergraduate student, preparing for applying to dental school is like planning to run a marathon. It takes certain degree of the strategic planning process and lots of discipline.
In this video, student doctor Elya Bach, our former pre-dental student, is sharing her opinions regarding to preparing from four different aspects: volunteering, research,.extracurricular activities, shadowing, and GPA.
From her experiences, research is not a "requirement" from most of the schools, however, many students who apply do have research experiences. She would suggest all the potential applicants, pre-dental students, to identify a research project that you would really enjoy doing.
Elya feels that the leadership position from the extracurricular activities is equally important. Many dental schools are looking for applicants with leadership characters that can work as a team.
She also suggests the applicants to focus on few things that you are doing extremely well instead of list many different items in your application.
As for shadowing, Elya mentioned that most of the schools require around 40 shadowing hours. However, while talking to other applicants, most of the students she talked to in average had more than 400 shadowing hours which stressed her out.
Next episode in the series, she is going to share her interview preparation tips with us. Stay tuned!
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