Haven’t heard back from dream schools for interviews? What can you do? _Dr. Yang’s Dental School Application Series(5)

Haven't heard back from dream schools for interviews? What can you do? _Dr. Yang's Dental School Application Series (5)
Congratulations of reaching this step! You have been working so hard, putting up all the information together, and submitted your applications. What if, you haven't heard back from the schools you'd like to attend for interviews and it is already in December of the year.
Here, Elya suggests us to send out few follow-up emails to the schools you desire. Updating them few things:
1. You are still interested.
2. Why you will be a good fit for the school?
3. Something specifically about the school that you really like.
4. Update things you did since sending the application in July.
From Elya's experience:
1. Do not stop your extracurricular, sports, research, or shadowing. In this way, you will have something you can update to the schools.
2. Schools like students that really want them. They might give you a chance of interview over someone else, if you show your sincere interests.
3. All schools responded her emails, and she received phone calls for interviews few days after that.
4. Even you did not receive acceptance after December, you still have chances. Elya received her 2 acceptances in January and February.
Next episode: The roadmap to become a dentist.
We will discuss the important timeline, starting from Elya's junior year, toward her success journey to dental school.
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