How to floss? _Dr. Yang’s Teeth Talk Series (2)

How to floss? _Dr. Yang's Teeth Talk Series (2)
I learned this is a common but yet confused process from my patients. I feel that a video would be self explanatory. I still can not stress the importance of flossing. It helps you "physically" clean the small food particles left behind that could give the bad germs inside our oral cavity a big feast.
Can we replace physical flossing with water floss? This is the other common question I got ask a lot by my patients. From my professional opinion, the answer for the above question is NO. However, we would suggest using water floss as an assistant tool after flossing and brushing. I do use it myself. The water and air combination of water floss does help to clean the sulcus that physically cleaning tools are sometimes hard to reach. Physically clean the teeth with floss and interdental brush is still recommended.
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