Doctor, My Jaw is Locked! I can’t Open My Mouth!!_ Dr. Yang’s TMD TALK (9)

Doctor, My Jaw is Locked! I can't Open My Mouth!!_ Dr. Yang's TMD TALK (9)

We mentioned that there are two kinds of locks of the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD): the open locks and the close locks. We discussed about the close locks in the 2 previous videos. This will be the last video in our TMD series. We are going to talk about the open locks.  

When open locks happen, the most common complaint would be " I can not close my mouth" or " my jaw is locked." It might happen all at a sudden during the day, it could happen after eating a big hamburger/apple, or after a long dental treatment. 

If that happens, it might resolve by itself. However, the frequency would be more and more often, and ended up, your jaw will be completely locked. What we would suggest for the acute cases is to seek dentist/specialist ASAP. If we try to put the jaw back by ourselves, we might ended up tear the muscles or damage the ligaments. 

After the dentists positioned your jaw back.The only few home treatments we would suggest would be the TMD workouts and the cold/heat packing. For the long run, the TMD devices could prevent the disc dislocated not as often. However, for very severe cases, injection or surgeries might required. 

This concludes our TMD series. I hope you enjoy it. 

Next series, we will talk about the dental implants and I will conduct interview in mandarin with my patient. 下ㄧ集是中文版, 談植牙. 訪問我的病人

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