How to write your personal statement (SoP)?__ Dr. Yang’s Dental School Application Series (6)

How to write your personal statement (SoP)?__ Dr. Yang's Dental School Application Series (6)
This is a bonus episode requested. You are about to submit your applications. One of the key elements that insuring your success, is a good personal statement. This is something will make yourself standout from other applicants on the paper.
Elya mentioned a book called "Your Essential Guide to Dental School Admissions". In this book, there are samples personal statements wrote by students accepted by top dental schools.
Few key elements:
1. Most of the SoP starts from a story or a theme that draw people into
2. Add 2-3 paragraphs that could relate your personal experiences to the reason or characteristics that required in dentistry
Next episode, we will be on our original schedule talking about the roadmap of becoming a dentist. Enjoy!
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