Do Invisalign trays get loose in my mouth when I talk? _ Dr. Yang’s Invisalign TALK series (2)

Talking about Invisalign, patients' might have 2 questions.
1. Do the trays get loose in my mouth when I talk?
2. Are they easy to take in-and-out of my mouth?
Invisalign has a patented design called "SmartForce attachments". None of the other clear aligner systems have it. The attachments are small teeth-color dots that are attached to your teeth by your doctor and custom designed. The shape of the attachments are chosen based on the movements required, for each individual tooth. The attachments hold your trays in place. You do not need to worry about aligners falling out of your mouth when you talk. Invisalign trays use medical grade patented plastic called SmartTrack material. The plastic applies forces to the surface of the attachments. Through bioengineering concepts, teeth will be moved toward the desired directions inside the bone. Possible movements include intrusion, extrusion, and rotation, etc.
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